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The following cuckoo clock repair book, manual by Tom Seaman is
an excellent source of information for both beginners and the seasoned

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Tom Seaman
Cuckoo Repair Manual

Cuckoo Clock Repair Made Simple

Tom Seaman, Pacific Northwest author, Proprietor and Clocksmith with over 25 years experience has published an excellent introduction to general cuckoo clock repair.

Price includes shipping within the 50 United States.

Cuckoo Clock Repair Made Simple is an excellent book for beginners or advanced clock repair with 135 color photos. The book covers the most common Regula movements plus pointers on other brands of movements.

Cuckoo Clock Repair Topics Include:

Repair worn pivots
Bushing techniques
Installation into the case
Bellows work
Bellows Adjustment
Governor Mechanism
Suppliers List
Testing and Adjustment
Pendulum Adjustment
Count Adjustment
Parts names with photos
Hanging the Cuckoo Clock
Cuckoo Bird and Door
A complete tool list
Tips on Musical Cuckoo Clocks

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