Romba & Haas

Cuckoo Clock-Romba Hunting ,Grand, Musical, Double-door

Large Traditional Hunters cuckoo clock with 52 note music box. 45 H x 27 W x 19 D, Model #8398
Model #8398 Traditional Hunters cuckoo clock with 52 note music box
Only 1 in stock! New versions will have only 36 note music box.
45" H x 27" W x 19" D
2-year warranty
8 Day German Regula movement (must be wound weekly)
52 note music box (new versions of this clock will have only a 36 note music box)
Made in Germany
Wooden hands, numbers, and bird
Hand carved
Shut-off switch
Official Black Forest clock certified by the VDS
A Romba Original!

Huge traditional hunting model cuckoo clock. Double-door musical with 52 note music box. Plays 1 of 2 melodies after the call of cuckoo on the hour, as the musicman emerges from the left door. 8 Day German Regula movement with gong and cuckoo on the hour and half-hour. Wooden dial, hands, numerals and cuckoo bird. Deep carved, antique stain, night shut-off and 2 year warranty. Made by Rombach & Haas of the Black Forest in Germany.

This is our largest traditional hunting model, but a larger one could be made to order. Details abound with a traditional hunting scene and an intricately carved pendulum making this piece a piece of timekeeping art.

The 52 note music box from Reuge in Switzerland also makes this piece an impressive mechanical-musical instrument. It's large music box mechanism allows for longer tunes with more melismatic melodies and a richer accompaniment.

This grand piece is by Rombach und Haas and is available through Cuckoo Kingdom, Inc.